Japan lacquer ware

The lacquer ware is used for the tableware using traditional Japanese tree in many homes.

They should be originally made with Japanese lacquer and Japanese wooden base with Japanese craftsmen, but unfortunately they are often made of plastic or with urethane paint in recent years.

We can offer vessels made of real wood and lacquer.

We mainly offers famous lacquer wares as simple, sturdy and practical in Echizen and Kiso which are firm coating.

And when the children are small, we hope to give joy to touch the real wooden and japan lacquer ware. We have vessels and the first eating ceremony set for children.

Lacquer ware are not only guaranteed their safety as a natural material, but also has antibacterial effect, solid. Come out taste using for a long time
And also they does not easily transmitted heat, so softly and warm touch to mouth.

Lacquer ware has a strong material(can repair) that does not crack when dropped. We hope that Lacquer ware is positioned as the center of traditional crafts of Japan.