Joboji lacquer ware has arrived

Joboji lacquer ware has arrived. They are used of the Joboji Urushi (lacquer in Japanese) of high-quality domestic Urushi.

Urushi more than 95% in Japan is imported from China. So Japanese craftsmen purify it and they are also recognized as “domestic products”.

Therefore, Japanese Urushi accounts for only 5%.
Joboji Urushi accounts more than half of them, so it’s very rare, precious value.
Also Joboji Urushi is a high smooth than those of China.

Joboji Urushi is often used for repairing of shrines and temples of national treasure and important cultural assets class for high quality reason.
( Chinese lacquer also is safe in reason for Japanese craftsmen purify properly )

Joboji Bowl made by a few craftsmen has finished in the great level of the Japan Art.
It is a gem worthy to eat Zoni at the beginning of the NEW year.

浄法寺1 浄法寺2