Origin of ZENSEIAN


The owner who prefer the Zen wants to transmit the Japanese culture form Kamakura, then he began to open "ZENSEIAN".

We stocks mainly bowls, plates and Liquor cups on the firm coating, to help you daily and practical use them of the symbol of Japanese culture

We have been very pleased toward not only the elderly but also young people on birthday and anniversary celebrations.
We also have heard ordering of gift.


Masayuki Kojima, The Shop Owner

I'm interested in japan lacquer ware as a rally(sum) of trees, nature and the Japanese culture, and I have opened the "japan" shop in Kamakura.

I'm a coordinator of educating wood and forest against children. I want to tell the importance of trees and to grow wisdom and skill for useing wood.Also bright in Zen philosophy, I act to realize the world peace using the advantage of Zen mind.
Director of Zen Mind Learning Center
Fujisawa resident

Yasuko Hirose, Shop Manager

I love to talk with customers and show hospitality at any time.
Please visit us feel free.

I have awakened "Kamakura" from a few years ago and started to study it. I got the primary of Kamakura exam. and then got the second grade of shrine exam. I visit the temples and shrines not only in Kamakura city but also in Japan. Since I have also combined Kamakura guided to the request, please contact us.
Zazen and drawing Buddhist
Kamakura resident.